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Welcome to MindScape
A Leader in Psychedelic Education

"Unlock the Potential of Consciousness: Empowering Minds Through Knowledge and Innovation"

At MindScape, we offer:

Fully Certified Training
"Our training programs are fully certified, ensuring that participants receive the highest standard of education and preparation in the field of psychedelic plant medicine. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive curriculum that not only meets but exceeds industry standards, providing psychologists and facilitators with the skills, knowledge, and ethical grounding necessary to guide transformative experiences safely and effectively."

      Limitless support
"At the heart of our mission is the commitment to provide limitless support to each participant, fostering a nurturing environment that encourages personal growth and professional development. From one-on-one mentorship to ongoing community engagement, our support network is designed to assist you every step of the way, ensuring that you feel empowered, connected, and confident in your journey to mastering the art and science of psychedelic facilitation."

        A safe space
"Our organization is dedicated to creating a safe space, meticulously designed to facilitate deep exploration and learning. Here, you are surrounded by thoughtful and highly qualified professionals who understand the profound nature of psychedelic work. We prioritize emotional safety, confidentiality, and respect for all participants, providing an environment where vulnerability is met with empathy and understanding. This foundation allows for genuine connection and transformative experiences, guided by experts committed to your well-being and growth."


            Committed to healing through education

With hundreds of 5-Star Reviews so you can trust you are in good hands

"Honestly, I was a little concerned when I looked at the price because other trainings are significantly more costly. A friend told me how much value the class had provided them so I gave it a chance and I'm grateful I did. These folks knows their stuff end of discussion. I feel I have never been more prepared to step into the space and make a significant impact. Thank you Kerby and Amber for the personal time and the amazing connection."
                   Misty H

"Wow, is all I can say. I've been training with Kerby for six months and now I'm a full-time space holder and guide and I've never felt more qualified and prepared. As Kerby would say it's all "love and light" until things go bad (and they will) but I have the training to handle just about every situation. Thanks to this in-depth training. Extremely grateful."
                  Rahul M 

"If you are a professional either involved in therapy or mental health, Mindscape is offering the highest level of training Ive seen on the market. Ive taken 3 of their courses and the instructors are incredible. With a blend of shamans/healers, LMFT, PhD in Psychiatry and Psychology, you're getting such well rounded learning. I honestly was blown away especially at the price point they offer. You wont regret taking their courses."

Amanda C LMFT

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